Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Studio Pictures

I've been threatening for a long time to post studio pictures.  I rarely clean things up - after all, this is a WORKING studio.  But I have guests coming this week to work on a special project, so all the thread and fuzzies and stacks of fabric have been put in their places.  I'll tell you the story of the special project at a later date.  For now - Enjoy!!

The studio is in a former church.  I am very fortunate to have so much room!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Time to get caught up!

Time has flown so lets get caught up!  As always, click on the pictures for a closer look.

First, the promised graduation quilts.  This first was made by Helen for her granddaughter Emmy.  If you look back through the blog posts, you'll find a quilt that I quilted for Emmy.  This was fun to quilt, EXCEPT the back was a stretchy flannel type fabric.  When you're working with t-shirts, western shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, knit, and blue jeans (with the hole - she was wearing these when she broke her arm) ....the back should be something normal.  This worked, but there were a couple of tucks that there was nothing that I could do to fix.  There's a lesson learned in this studio everyday!!

Most of what I quilted wasn't very noticeable on the front.  The surprises really showed up on the back. 

Next are a couple that I made for Karrie's friends.  No, Karrie's isn't done yet - it's still in pieces.  But here's Katelyn's:  This is from the Buggy Barn book "Crazy Fun and Games" and this is called "Checkers".  To make the corners on each block, you use a full square, sew across from corner to corner then cut.  I  added another seam, so now have 200+ half square black-and-white blocks.  I have a plan.....

The next was also one I made, this time for Savannah.  Another one from the Buggy Barn book, and this is called "Hearts".

And I promised an updated, final, I'M-DONE-NEVER-TO-DO-THIS-AGAIN look at Stars In My Garden.  It did turn out pretty cool, but you won't find me doing this technique again, unless it's maybe possibly on a really really teenie tiny quilt.   ....Nope.  Never again.....  Just for a comparison, here's a before and after look.

Darcia says this was a block of the month from a now-closed quilt shop in Spokane.  She added fabrics from her stash for the flowers.  My main goal on this one was to really show off her applique.  Time to crank up the stereo and swirl!  There aren't many pictures here.  Because I tried to hide the thread and give only texture, not many of the pictures turned out.

One more!  Gina made this for some friends who like the snow!  Another Buggy Barn pattern.  I've done quilts with flannel on the top, and quilts with flannel on the bottom, but this was the first I've quilted with flannel top and bottom.  This is YUMMY!! 

If  I've quilted a quilt for you that's not shown here it's because 1) I haven't heard from you that it's ok to post your quilts or 2) my pictures didn't turn out well.  You can fix both 1 and 2!!  Send me an e-mail!  

Till next time, and it won't be three months from now, keep quilting!!  Shel