Monday, January 30, 2017

February 2017 Newsletter

So....did you watch the video?

Here's why I wanted you to see it:  Fabric is printed straight!   It can't be printed crooked or the printing wouldn't line up.  There would be places that are overprinted or underprinted.  I've seen it - my mom used to buy seconds for me to make doll clothes or my clothes when I was learning how to sew. 

Why is this important?  Here's this month's video!     Yes, I know, I'm wearing thread.  It's not unusual, but good grief!!  By the time I saw it, I had already recorded the video three times.  It wasn't happening again.  You want Hollywood, this isn't it...    Feel free to share - I was so happy when I figured this out!  There are some really nice panels out there, I'm thrilled that I can finally use them!

And don't go getting all excited, I won't be making a new video every month.  It's all I can do to come up with things that someone else hasn't already done.  Although, there will be another video next month.
I spent December and January freezing my tush off.  I avoided the cold studio by getting all the farm and business taxes done, and the income tax return information is all ready,  I'm just waiting for a few more statements and I'm DONE!   I finally braved the weather and went back to the studio last week.  I started making samples for my upcoming teaching jobs and updating both of my longarm quilter focused books, taking a lot of pictures.   Calving has begun and will continue for a couple of more months.  I should probably get some pictures of those babies, too. 

I plan to be at Experience Quilts in Odessa on Thursday, February 2 around 10am.  One of the new tricks I've developed for the update to my Binding by Longarm book is the ability to attach bindings to the backs of quilts.  Don't like hand stitching on the back?  This might be the option you want.  I've been playing around with Susie's Magic Binding.  Here's my Back To Work Edge-to-Edge Special for February! Grab one of those unquilted UFOs you've got sitting around (we all do!) , and two colors of fabric for the bindings.  I'll make the binding and attach them to the back of the quilt for the same price as just attaching the binding to the quilt.  When you get it back, you'll be able to machine stitch to the top and your UnFinished Object will be a Done Finished Object!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The blog is BACK!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted.   I’m hoping to start putting my “Once-in-a-while-not-very-often” Newsletter on here, there are some definite advantages to do doing this:

1)    I can attach pictures, and they’ll be right in line with what I’m hoping to tell you.

2)    I can link to YouTube videos, other sites, and other blogs – sharing the brilliance of other quilters and letting you know when I have a YouTube update (which may or may not be quite so brilliant), too.

3)    Prior newsletters will be easier to find if you decide that there’s something that you need to find again.

One definite disadvantage is that I'll have to change the names of my children so that I can still tell stories about the goofy things they do.  Poor Don, there's no hiding that he's married to me, that he CHOSE me, and is still with me...   Bwhahahahaha!!

My plan is to update the blog, then let you know on my personal and business FaceBook pages   Wheatridge Studios on FaceBook (Like and Follow!that there’s been an update.  If you still want an e-mail letting you know that I’ve put out an update, I’ll be doing that with a link to the blog.  If you use a blog roll (don’t ask me what that is, I’ve never used one!) you can be notified that way, too.   

I'm hoping to have the next update at the end of January or the beginning of February. 

In the mean time, check out this video - it's a clue to what I'll be talking about in the next blog post  How quilting fabric is made

Keep on working on those quilt tops - I'll be back to quilting in February.