Tuesday, April 11, 2017

MQX Quilt Festival - New England

What a blast!!!

Amazing quilts, fantastic students!   I barely had a chance to check out some vendors.  I brought home a couple pieces of silk radiance and one piece of dupioni silk, and a coffee cup.  It's good that I didn't go too crazy, my luggage barely made the weight limits on the return trip at 48 and 49 pounds.

My Faculty ribbon was awarded to Patti Sandage from Middleton, TN on her quilt "Tuscany" in the Solo Artist category. I think you can tap the picture for a closer look.    Patti did a great job on this quilt, and it was absolutely stunning in person!

I'm still working on editing a new YouTube video.  I try to keep them under 5 minutes so I don't burn your internet usage, but this one may be a bit longer.  It's sooo hard to edit my own work, it's like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard!

I plan to be in Odessa (WA) on Friday, April 11, at Experience Quilts, around 10am.  I'll be dropping off quilts and picking up any that you've left for me.  If you want to meet with me, please let me know so that I'll be looking for you!

My next trip is to teach at UQSM (formerly HMQS) in Salt Lake City.  I hope it's a much fun as MQX was!

Happy Quilting!!