Sunday, July 8, 2012

1053 - Jan's American Beauty

Jan wanted this American Beauty quilted like the one at "A Heart Like Yours" quilt shop in Spokane that I had done a couple of years ago.  After talking on the phone with her, I've made some changes, mostly to the outer border.  I used Anne Bright's "Victorian Gates Border and Victorian Gates Double Swirl.  That outer border fabric is pretty busy, but this gives a nice surprise when you're up close to the quilt.

1052 - Ami's Baby Quilt

Ami wanted a variegated thread to help fill in the open spaces on this baby quilt.  I used a purple King Tut from Superior Threads.  The color changes happen every inch, so you really have to look for the subtle changes in color.  "Daisy Mae" from Anne Bright was the design used.

1051 - Mary's Single Irish Chain

Another from Mary's UFO closet, this Single Irish Chain was made using Eleanor Burns' method.  Anne Bright's "Sun Valley Zinnia" was Mary's choice to quilt this. 

1050 - Mary's

Mary  has been cleaning out her UFO (UnFinished Objects) cabinet, so she couldn't give me a name on this.  I used "Anne's Favorite" (Anne Bright) to quilt this.

I did a lot of "Stand and Stare" on this quilt - not to decide the quilting (my usual reason) but to figure out how this was put together.  I do love a puzzle!

1049 - Marge's

This quilt was made for a man, so Marge wanted something non-feminine for the quilting.  "In the Moment" from Anne Bright gave great contrast to the angles in this quilt.

1047 - Liz's Star Quilt

Liz requested "No more stars" on this quilt, since she thought there were enough stars with the piecing. I  picked "Growing Things" from Anne Bright to give the stars movement.

1046 - Marge's Feminine Block Quilt

Marge has really been enjoying her retirement, and has filled her time with lots of quilting!  This sweet quilt was finished using "Soft & Sweet" from Anne Bright.

1045 and 1048 - Gina's Cabin Quilts

Gina has an wonderful cabin at a nearby lake.  I offered to deliver her first quilt to her (a couple years ago) and my husband offered to go with me.  I headed for my car, he just laughed and said we'd need to take the pickup and holy cow - was he right!  What a wonderful get away!  These quilts are for grandkids.  I used "Moose, Bear, Geese" from Judith Kraker to quilt both of these.

1044 - Priscilla's quilt

Priscilla made this quilt as a gift.  She chose "Eve b2b" for the quilting.  She normally makes small quilts, and was quite pleased at the results of this larger quilt.

1043 - Marge H Anniversary Quilt

Marge made this quilt to honor a couple's anniversary.  Their name was pieced as a block at the top of the quilt, and other names have been added with machine embroidery.  "Pumpkin Vine Border" from Anne Bright was the design chosen for this couch quilt.

1042 - Diana's Granddaughter's quilt

Another quilt finished by Diana's friend Marge H.  I have been truly honored to be able to quilt these.  This was given by Diana's husband Lowell (our Schwann's man!) to his granddaughter for her 12th birthday.  "Carousel Floral Border" from Anne Bright was the design used, as well as a bright pink thread.  According to Lowell, his granddaughter was thrilled to have a quilt made by her grandma.

1041 - Mary's Star Quilt

Another wedding quilt, Mary made this for a great nephew that's getting married this fall.  She chose "Hearththrob b2b" from Anne Bright for the quilting design. Quilter's Dream Puff batting gives this great definition. 

1040 - Sharon's Redwork

Sharon brought in this cute red work quilt.  Instead of transferring the designs to the fabric the old fashioned way, she was able to print the designs on paper? and stitched right through it!  How cool is that!?!  In person, the crosshatching hides in the background. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

1038 - Karen's Dresden Plates

A Dresden Plate quilt is also on my bucket list, and this was made from ACTUAL 30's fabrics, the plates made by Karen's mother or grandmother.  This was FUN, and the only thing done with the computer was the 'ghosted' in Dresden Plates in the yellow fabric, and I digitized those myself.  She's got one more to make!

I LOVE my job!