Tuesday, May 2, 2017

UQSM Sandy UT, A new Video, and NEWS!

That's right, I'm updating the blog AND I've finished the newest video.   I'm finally in a place where I'm not distracted by my longarms calling me (in the studio) or housework or yardwork (at home).  I'm in Sandy, UT for the Utah Quilting and Sewing Marketplace (UQSM).  My friend Lexi and I drove here yesterday, she's in class today, and I don't teach until tomorrow so I thought I'd make good use of a quiet day.  I try really hard to keep the videos under 5 minutes but there's  ton of information in this one, so it's longer than the others.  For those of you close to me, those foam boards are available to block your quilts and I'll even help you get started.  Give me a head-up and we'll make sure there's not covered with quilt blocks as a design wall.  If you're not convinced it makes a difference, try it just once on a quilt with some wave.

Why block?   As you'll see in the video, it takes care of any 'fluff' left in the quilt.  The quilt will hang straighter if you are putting it into a show or  the fair.  Many people will look at a quilt that's blocked and not know why it looks better, it just does.

Blocking a Quilt

For those of you at the show - I'll be hanging out in the A-1 Quilting Machines booth the rest of the week.  Stop on by and introduce yourself!

I also have some news - I'm moving the studio.  After 10 years in the former church, it's time to move a little closer to home.  At some point the Wheat Country Quilters will also meet in the new location.  I need to get me settled in first.  The last of the kids will graduate this spring and she needs to put her job in front of any work we may throw at her so I'll get those phone calls: "Can you come help me move equipment?".  It's possible at 8 miles from the farm, completely stupid at 20.  I'll have more information - and maybe some pictures - next time.

Happy Quilting!