Friday, February 27, 2009

Kayla's first quilting.


Kayla is 9 years old. This is her first try at quilting. Our friend Gayle provided the top. If you look real close, the binding has flys on it. Kayla will be entering this in MQX.

Monday, February 9, 2009

This Week's Sanity brought to you by:

It was a T-shirt quilt. Someone had her put Heat & Bond ULTRA on the backs of the T-shirts to stabilize them....might have been a good idea except that my Longarm needle gets hot. I had these gobs of melted plastic on the needle and long skips. Lots and lots of long skips. After 2 days of fighting this, and only going about 1/5 of the quilt (it should have been less than 3 hours total for this quilt) , I asked for help. Megan came thru with a "get this". I put it on the thread, and did not have a single skip for the rest of the quilt. Life is good!

I'm also not real sure about what happens when the Heat & Bond gets put in a dryer, especially when it's not actually bonded to something on the back side....hmmm

By the way, if you want to do a T-shirt quilt, just use the cheap, thin, iron-on interfacing we use for clothes. You'll make your longarmer happier, you'll spend less on your project, and it's easier to work with.


Sunday, February 8, 2009


I got a burr up my tush to try to make something Dad was talking about. Keep in mind I've never actually had an authentic Made-Rite. So..after checking with friends on my favorite quilting site and getting the suggestion to Google it (duh!), I found tons of recipes. Many violated my 10-ingredient rule (no more than 10 ingredients unless it's for desert). I picked one, it was, at best, edible. Probably doesn't help that I when see an ingredient that I don't have I say, "Don't need that!". We'll finish up the leftovers for dinner tonight. Maybe someday I'll go back east and try the real thing. I won't hold my breath. It's been 33 years since I was in Kansas!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Emmy's First Quilt


This quilt was designed and made by Emmy, Helen's granddaughter. She started this when she was 13, and is now 16. Great job, Emmy. This quilt top was nice and flat, a dream to quilt. I can't wait to see what you do next!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Check out Suzanne Earley's Blog!!

Suzanne is giving away a beautiful quilt!

Check it out at :

3420 pieces.....


Done and out the door. This is one of mine, and I started piecing around Thanksgiving. I should have looked harder at the pattern before I started. The squares finished to 1-1/2", and there were LOTS of them. It was a Christmas present. But with the snow storms, then the freezing fog, sewing and most quilting came to a standstill. I finished this on Saturday night, we exchanged presents on SuperBowl Sunday. Done is good!