Monday, February 9, 2009

This Week's Sanity brought to you by:

It was a T-shirt quilt. Someone had her put Heat & Bond ULTRA on the backs of the T-shirts to stabilize them....might have been a good idea except that my Longarm needle gets hot. I had these gobs of melted plastic on the needle and long skips. Lots and lots of long skips. After 2 days of fighting this, and only going about 1/5 of the quilt (it should have been less than 3 hours total for this quilt) , I asked for help. Megan came thru with a "get this". I put it on the thread, and did not have a single skip for the rest of the quilt. Life is good!

I'm also not real sure about what happens when the Heat & Bond gets put in a dryer, especially when it's not actually bonded to something on the back side....hmmm

By the way, if you want to do a T-shirt quilt, just use the cheap, thin, iron-on interfacing we use for clothes. You'll make your longarmer happier, you'll spend less on your project, and it's easier to work with.


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