Friday, March 30, 2012

Time to Vote for the 2011 Quilt of the Year!!

Here's how this is going to work:

1. Send an email to VoteWRS at
2. In the subject line, enter up to 3 numbers - the numbers of the quilts you like the best

Don't put anything in the body of the message - I won't be reading them!

You and your friends can vote until Midnight (Pacific Time) on April 6, 2012.  Please vote only once daily.  Everyone is on the honor system here.  Any blatant multiple votes by the same email address in the same day will be deleted.  Let's play nice!!!

The winner will receive a gift certificate for more quilting!  Seriously - who makes just one quilt??!!

101 - Claire's Wagon Wheel

Clair has made several versions of the Wagon Wheel - there are more to come!  For this one, she chose Abundant Feathers" from Three Sisters.

100 - Suzanne's couch quilt

Suzanne finally made a quilt for her!  Wool batting makes this soft and warm, "Pumpkin Vine Border", used as an edge to edge,  holds it all together and gave her the texture she wanted.

097 - Cassandra's Zig Zag quilt

How fun is this!  While not apparent on the front, "Abundant Feathers" from Three Sisters added movement and texture.  Cassandra's plan for the edge was to keep the points. 

096 - Anne's Funky Monkey

I love these monkey quilts that are so popular!!  I bought "Funky Monkey" from Anne Bright as an alternative choice from the bananas on these cute kids' quilts.

095 - Kim's Horse Quilt

This quilt was a present for Kim's exchange student who loves horses.  The design "Celebration" by Anne Bright was chosen to remind the student about her time in America.

094 - Marge and Diana's Christmas Quilt

This Christmas table topper had been started by Diana.  Marge has been helping Diana's husband by finishing Diana's UFO's.  Lowell (like most of our husbands!) had no idea what Diana had going on in her sewing room, and appreciates the labor of love given to finish these projects.

093 - Ami's Redwork

Ami pieced the quilt, her mom, who is in her 90's, did the redwork.  The back of the embroidery was as pretty as the front.  That's important:  Red thread will show through white fabric and there were no stray threads!  "Garland Lattice Block" from Anne Bright was used to quilt the blocks.  Ami tricked her mom and didn't tell her the quilt was done.  Mom received the quilt for Christmas. 

091 - Donna's Buggy Barn Cats

I love relatively close to THE Buggy Barn, but I hadn't seen this quilt until Donna brought it in.  "Raindrops" by Karen Thompson reminded me if cat's tails and gave this quilt great texture.

090 - Claire's Wagon Wheel

Claire chose "In the Moment" from Anne Bright as the quilting for this quilt. 

089 - Anne's Baby Quilt

This quilt has 3-D elements, so a block by block method had to be used.  The numbers and letters filled the blocks of the cute baby quilt!

088 - Anne's horse quilt

If I remember right, Anne made this quilt for her sister.  "Cowboy E2E" from Anne Bright was the design used.  This is a great example where the quilting doesn't really show because the quilt has so much going on.  The quilting design becomes a surprise to find!

087 - Ami's Batik

This is a quilt shop sample for Wild Flower Quilt Shop in Ritzville.  Ami wanted something fun and tropical, so "Flip Flops E2E" from Anne Bright was her choice.

086 - Ami's Hen House Stars

Another quilt shop sample,  I liked this one so much, I bought the pattern.  Of course, with chickens, we had to fence them in with some Chicken Wire (Forever in Stitches).

085 - Mary's Scrappy

This looks like it might be a variation of  a Yellow Brick Road.  "Eve b2b" by Anne Bright was her choice for quilting.

083 - Rosalee's T-Shirt Quilt

I met Rosalee when she stopped at the studio while looking for the quilt shop in town during the Shop Hop.  The shirts were from a party boat she arranged for years.  It looked to me those girls had way too much fun!  "Flip Flops" by Anne Bright were her choice to go with these summer fun t-shirts.

082 - Helen's T-Shirt Quilt

I've done several T-Shirt quilts for Helen, and no two are alike!  Watching her put these together is like watching a puzzle master do their thing.  Since this was for a grandson who LOVES sports, we took our cue from the Zag's T-shirt, signed by Mark Few, for the design.  "Basketball b2b" from Anne Bright was the right choice!

080 - Marge's Star

"Ivy Trellis Vine Border" by Anne Bright gives this quilt great texture without taking the eye away from the piecing and fabrics.