Monday, November 9, 2009

2010 Library Raffle Quilt

This quilt is the raffle quilt to raise funds to help our local library.  Last year we cut it pretty close.  This year we're about 6 months ahead of the game.  It will be raffled in May at Wild Goose Bill Days in Wilbur, WA.

We used Quilter's Dream Puff batting, Sew Fine thread on top and Bottom Line for the bottom.  Both threads are from Superior Threads.  The pantograph is called Primrose Swirls.


Kim S said...

Wild Goose Bill days.... Now that sounds like a party!!! That's something I could get Dan to go to... is there somewhere to camp near by?

Wheatridge Studios said...

Yep! I can get you a place down by the river, beautiful location and the owners, John and Jane, are real nice.

Check out


Kim S said...

OMG... that's beautiful! It makes me home sick for the Columbia. What are the dates? I'm going to talk to Dan... he may be up to coming over to camp. How far are you from Davenport? We have friends there also.

Wheatridge Studios said...

It's the weekend prior to Memorial Day. We're about 30 miles from Davenport.