Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Buggy Barn - Hearts

Yes, I have been quilting, but I haven't been able to post because many are Christmas presents that I have no control over!  This is one that I made, and will be given on Christmas - just how fast CAN I finish that binding! 

The pattern is from the Buggy Barn Book, Crazy Fun-N-Games.  You need 20" squares, so forget those fat quarters for this quilt, unless you use the copier and reduce the size of the block - hmmm there's a thought!  Anyway, I bought 5/8 yard of each of the 32 fabrics, and I have enough to make two of these quilts.   This was the first time I used bamboo batting for anything other than a quick sample.  It sews up beautifully, but I did have some tension issues - I spent about 14 hours total ripping out stitches when they went gunny-bags.  (see all those little pieces of fabric on the outside of the quilt - that's for testing tension - UGG!)   It didn't take me that long to make the top! I now have tension on bamboo down to an ART!!

The back is a wide back from  Check them out, and if you order, put LAP 1250 in the special instructions so they know how you found them.  Top threads are King Tut and bobbin threads were Bottom Line, both from Superior Thread.  In fact, it was pieced using Masterpiece thread, also from Superior.  Love that stuff!!

It'll be somewhat quiet here in January, tax season for me, but I do have a Wedding quilt that has to be done by mid-January.  Better make a phone call - is that quilt top done yet???  That gives the rest of you time to get your tops ready for me to quilt in February!

Have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

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