Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time for an update

I've been busily quilting!  First a couple of teasers - two quilts I can't show until 1) the guild challenge is done (May) and 2) graduation is done (June).  Make sure someone reminds me - ok?

Now for the ones I can show you.  This is Melinda's Southwest quilt.  It looks to me to be done with an Irish Chain pattern.  Does that make it a "Southwest Chain"??  Anyway, we used the coyote and cactus panto on here - very fitting!

The next quilt is a big block quilt from Ami.  This quilt is for a man.  Ponderosa Pine Spray was the panto used.   No estrogen in this quilt!

And finally, a week old picture of Stars in My Garden.  I'm a lot further now, and I'm trying to get it done in time for the Odessa Quilt Show  the weekend of the 23rd of April.  No more updates until it's DONE!!!  [insert evil laugh here!]  Shelley

1 comment:

Diane said...

Oh my gosh-I heard that laugh! *wink*. Just love seeing the pictures of the progression on that quilt, can't wait to see it finished.
love the panto's too-especially the cayote howling at the moon-perfect choice!