Monday, February 1, 2010

Coming up for air...

I know, I know.  I said no quilting until February.  But I just couldn't help myself, and I did get the bookkeeping done first.

I warmed up with a charity quilt.  It had been a month without touching the machine, and the panto "Cutie Patootie" is my favorite for getting the quilting mojo going.

Then I moved on to the Creston 2010 Alumni Quilt.  This will be a work in process for a while, I'll be coloring in the flowers and leaves.  More on the story of this quilt as I work on it.  And there will be pictures of the whole quilt, too!
Then, fully warmed up, and getting close to that February date, I quilted this for Ami.  Simple clamshells for a sample for an upcoming class at Wildflowers Quilt Shop in Ritzville.  This quilt is perfect for a beginner, as it is the fabric that makes it look complicated.  The busy squares and the border are actually a printed fabric. 


It's actually February 1st, and I'm 'officially' quilting again.  This is Marge's quilt.  She chose the panto 'Primrose Swirls', and it looks wonderful on this quilt.  I used a really soft green thread, like newborn baby green.  This is a variegated thread but the color changes are very, very subtle.  It looks wonderful on the fabrics in this quilt.


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Kim S said...

That heart quilt is so cute!!!