Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just quilting along - LOTS of pictures!

I have got to post more often!  I didn't realize I had so many that I hadn't shown you yet.

First up is Kim's appliqued Log Cabin.  This is a mid-range custom quilting.  Some ruler work was involved, and I outlined the applique, and in some cases, went over the applique with matching thread so there wouldn't be big, unquilted areas.  There were also some too-big areas of white, so I added some little doo-dads (how's that for a technical term!) to fill in the areas.  For the feather wreaths, I used a King Tut thread (I think #610).  I call it poopie-green, but it reads gold-ish, and works so well! 

This is Mary's Triple Play.  She said this goes together a lot like a log cabin block.  I think I want to make this one!  What a great way to use up some of those skinny scraps!

Here's the back.  Mary always uses flannel sheets. I HATE percale sheets for backs, but I love how these flannel ones quilt up!  We used the panto "Cutie Patootie" for this.

Sue brought in this Card Trick quilt.  This is also a great one for using up those scraps!  Her's was made from batiks.    This one has the panto "Simplicity" on it.
This is Marge's Wagon Wheel.  She said this was made with a jelly roll.  We used the panto "Flowering Fern".  I also used the poopie-green thread on this. 

 I have more to post - and possibly - a video!  Stay tuned!


Kim S said...

All of them look fantastic but,I love the log cabin... beautiful!

Diane said...

Wow that is a stunning log cabin quilt. the others are great too. You get to quilt some beautiful tops!

ritamaew said...

This takes my breath away. Can you point me to the pattern. I am awestruck.