Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stars in My Garden - The how-to!

I've been asked to explain how I'm doing the coloring on "Stars in My Garden".  The left side shows how the quilt looks after it's been quilted and before coloring. To the right is an area that has been colored.

I'm using Pigma pencils for the colors, then sealing the coloring with Jacquard Textile Color,  #100 Colorless Extender.  I've seen the pencils at Michaels and JoAnn.  I bought the Extender at  I'm sure it's available at other places.

Use the pencils to color the area.  It's best to use lots of light strokes to add color, not heavy strokes that could later flake off.  Work that pigment into the fabric, shading the edges and veins.  Use more than one color - nothing in nature is just one color!  I even throw a little purple or yellow into the leaves.  Once an area is colored the way you want, use a small paint brush to apply the color extender.  You only need to put this where the fabric has been colored.

I did a video but it won't download.  I'll keep trying, but I wanted you to have the information you asked for.


GailM. said...

I came over from the quilt board. Loved looking at your blog and all the quilting you do. Very nice. I think the coloring is very interesting. I may get some of those colors just to have on hand in case I have the occasion to make a baby quilt. I'd try it on that first. It sure looks beautiful. I love all the pantos that you have too.

Kim S said...

Beautiful!!!! The color really adds to this quilt. Hope to see it in person!